Художница изобразила знаки зодиака в виде мифических богинь, и они получились невероятно живописными

Художница изобразила знаки зодиака в виде мифических богинь, и они получились невероятно живописными

Художница-иллюстратор из Мичигана Эмили Петерсмарк, которая по совместительству является ещё и музыкантом, создала любопытнейшую серию рисунков, изобразив знаки зодиака в необычном виде. Она решила превратить их в величественных богинь: воинственных или миролюбивых, мудрых, таинственных и безумно привлекательных. Эти художества были воплощены в жизнь, когда Эмили сотрудничала с музыкальной группой The Accidentals. Богини должны были стать промо-постерами группы. Позже эти образы получили известность в интернете, и теперь мы имеем возможность их лицезреть. Грех этим не воспользоваться!


"The band was touring out west this month, so I went with a dusky desert theme. This one took some time to nail down, because I wanted the twins to seem subtly powerful, almost regal with their rustic crowns. It was important to me that none of the women in this series were overtly sexualized, but I wanted to keep some vulnerability and naturalness to this sign."


"This month, The Accidentals were playing Electric Forest. I've only been to EF once, but I remember loving all the glowing neon in the middle of the dark woods. I wanted to capture that feeling of finding something otherworldly in the vast wilderness in the middle of the night."


"This design was extra tricky, because it would also serve as part of The Accidentals' album artwork. Their album is called Odyssey, and so I wanted this one to feel kind of like the beginning of a journey, with Leo being the heroine about to set off in search of something important. The band and I also collaborated heavily to create something that combined both natural, earthly elements and outer space."



"I actually took this design from a Lady Justice sketch I did the day Trump was inaugurated. While I wouldn't call this piece political by any means, drawing Lady Justice as a black woman was a conscious and pointed choice."


"I knew from the beginning I wanted one of the signs to be heavily tattooed, but it worked out so well to juxtapose the sleek, almost modern elements I'd wanted to associate with Scorpio with this traditional Polynesian-inspired tattoo."


"I really wanted to think more outside the box with this one, but I realized that I couldn't really portray an archer without a bow and arrow. I drew the line at drawing her as a centaur, though I did try to give a nod to the traditional representation of Sagittarius with the horse skull headdress she's wearing. Throughout this series, I feel like I slowly became aware that it could use more diversity in body shapes, so I tried to give this sign a body type that was more functional to the lifestyle of someone who catches their own food and fights epic battles."


"The cool thing about this project was that it taught me quite a bit about the zodiac, like the fact that Capricorn is represented by something called a Sea Goat (which is actually based on the Sumerian god of knowledge, wisdom, mischief, and creation.) I wanted to give this poster a murky, dream-like feel, with the harpoon providing an element of conflict with the softness of the living creatures."



"In a few of the other posters I played with size and perspective to make the female figures feel more powerful and ethereal. For this poster, I wanted the female figure to feel dwarfed by the fish, giving her the sense of being much more human than some of the other signs and making the fish seem kind of reminiscent of ancient deep sea monsters."


"This poster was super inspired by activist Emma González. I wanted Taurus to have a prominent sense of strength in the face of something ominous."


"This design was intended to be a grown-up version of Virgo — I wanted to portray a more mature version of the attitude in that poster. I also tried to give her a more wild, witch-like feel, taking the soft fall glow of Virgo and leveling it up with neon."
Художница изобразила знаки зодиака в виде мифических богинь, и они получились невероятно живописными